3. Commodore C64 Ultimas


Now, what emulator can I get and where?

A: The Commodore 64 can be emulated several ways, there are many different programs available. PC64 is the one I most highly recommend for running under plain DOS. It runs on an IBM compatibles up from 386s at various degrees of success. For example, the music will not sound as good on a 386SX/16 as it will on a 486DX4/100 :-) For Win95, use win64.

Many C64 emulators for DOS/Windows are available at ftp://arnold.c64.org/emulator/. Arnold now has a web page, too.

ccs64 v1.09/v2.0beta seems to work well in windows and dos mode of windows98, even for Ultima 6. The reporter who told me of this one had no success with pcwin64, frodo, win64, vice and pc64, but your mileage may vary.

There are also at least 2 Linux C64 Emulator available, vice and alec64.
Vice can emulate C16, VC20, C64 and C128, needs X, has no sound, and is pretty complicated to install from the source, but some distributions (SuSE6.0) include a package merely missing the ROM files; it has been ported to some other platforms (MacOS/Win) as well. I'd appreciate feedback.
alec64 runs with SVGA and X, has good sound, is easy to install, but only available as binaries. Check the Linux home page at www.linux.org and follow the software map, searching for "C64".

Frodo is an emulator working on multiple platforms, including Amiga and MacOS.

emulation.net holds C64 emulators for MacOS. Feedback is welcome.

For further emulation problems there's also the usenet group comp.emulators.cbm (archieves), which posts a FAQ regularily, or Dave's Commodore 64 Page or Dazzler's CBM Nostalgia page.

Which emulators work well with Win98?

A: Someone told me ccs64 v1.09/v2.0beta (from arnold) works well in windows and dos mode of windows98, even for Ultima 6. The reporter had no success with pcwin64, frodo, win64, vice, pc64, but your mileage may vary.

Where do I get the C64 Games?

A: Trivia
There were FTP sites that mirrored the former C64 site watson.mbb.sfu.ca, this site was the originator of the collection. Jeff Bryer was forced to remove his C64 collection and the mirrors came to death as well.

C64 games are available at ftp://arnold.c64.org/games/u. Arnold now has a web page, too.

Make sure you read our disclaimer, before you download any games!

Okay, I have all the games and stuff, how do I run them?

A: Please read the documentations for the emulators you are using. Note that there has been quite a bit of confusion about the documentation of PC64. There are two different versions, one is English and the other is German. The Enlish version is the one with the 'e' in the zip file.

What is the C64 Syntax to load a game ?

A: Type:

LOAD"*",8,1 <enter>
[If it does not boot then type:]
RUN <enter>

If neither of these worked, the game is in the older BASIC langauge. To load it type:

LOAD"*",8 <enter>
RUN <enter>

With which keys can I move the character(s) ?

A: Ultima 1 is playable with the ordinary cursor keys (at least with PC64).

The other Ultimas use four keys that are placed neatly on the original C64 keyboard, as shown below. If your emulator uses some kind of (MSDOS) keyboard driver, you have to search for these keys on your keyboard, but in most cases this is unconvenient. Some emulators may allow you to redefine these keys to, e.g., the cursor keys.

Other emulators direct-map the C64-keyboard over your PC-keyboard, that is, you have to know where the keys on a C64 keyboard are on your PC keyboard. The locations of the original C64 keys for movement are shown below for the standard US and for some national PC keyboards. If you find out about other national keyboards, please drop me a short note.

                   C64    US-keyb   German   Italian
      up            @        [         ü        è
  left  right      : ;      ; '       ö ä      ò à
     down           /        /         -        -

With PC64, you can choose ((O)ptions, (K)eyboard, (U)se national keyboard) whether to direct-map the keyboard or not. I suggest direct mapping.

What about these games with the multiple disk images?

A: On the shareware version of C64S, they do not support multiple disk images, in other words you will need to shell out $60 to register it. In the shareware version of PC64 you can use multiple disk images allowing you to play the games with more than one disk.

In PC64 I try to open these files and I can't. It says they need to be .C64 files. What do I do?

A: Okay, you need to pull down the EMULATOR menu then choose NEW. Now, you can push F9 and choose the .D64 file you need. You can continue to do this and make more than one window open and switch back and forth between them. Remember, once you have loaded the .D64 file, push F5 to go into the emulator. You may push escape and goto the menu then come back by pushing F5 again to go where you left off. See the manual for more information.

On arnold.c64.org there appeared recently ultima3-goodsound.zip. What about it?

A: ultima3-goodsound.zip appears to be a Good Thing. Feedback (comparing it to the old one) is welcome.

The player disk of Ultima 3 is corrupted. Where do I get a good one ?

A: Appearantly, U3 contains a bug if you use drives #8 and #9 holding the two disks. If you just swap disks in drive #8, the player disk will look fine. This problem may also be a bug (flaw?) of PC64.

Which of the U4 archives should I download from Arnold?

A: There's a bug in ultima4.zip which causes the shrines to not talk properly. To fix it (you really should) download u4d64fix.exe and execute it. Enter the name of your Britannia disk image, when prompted.

You may also download this program and an already fixed disk image from arnold (u4patch.zip). If you already started playing use the patcher rather than the disk image, because your game is saved on this disk!

New: Some sectors of disks in ultima4.zip are bad and contain bogus texts. Recently, on Arnold appeared a new file ultima4-good.zip. This seems to be a recompilation of ungarbled U4 disks, but without the patch. I think your best bet is to use ultima4-good.zip and patch it using u4patch.zip. Correct me if I'm wrong.

U5: Shadowlords I can't get the music working in Ultima V.

A: The music in Ultima V can only be heard on a 128. However, Minstrel Dragon has written a program that allows you to hear the music in PC64, look for it at his `Ring of Dragons Page' or download u5-music.zip directly.

To run it, unzip it into a directory then go into your PC64 directory and type:
Of course, use your own path.

New: The vice c128 emulator (dos v0.16.1a and win32 v0.16.0) will run ultima5 with the lost music. The only consideration is the disk image must first be inserted, then a system reset performed for the game to load properly.

Can I run Ultima VI images on PC64 or C64S?

A: Ultima VI will not run with PC64 or C64S. Reportedly FRODO 4.0 and/or ccs64 v1.09/v2.0beta do the trick. However, (IMHO) U6 is really much nicer on PC (256 color graphics).


Emulator FAQ by Caliaber and Archon Dragon

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